Featuring the winners of the 2020 Sound Espressivo Competition.

Featuring the winners of the 2020 Sound Espressivo Competition.

Sunday, March 28 @2:00 pm EST

Sound Espressivo Competition presents

Winners' Recital

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Featuring the winners of the 2020 Sound Espressivo Competition.

Saturday, April 10 @2:00 pm EST

Sound Espressivo Competition presents

Mio Imai, violin

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Saturday, March 27 @2:00 pm EST

Sound Espressivo Competition presents

Sadie Goodman, flute

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Featuring the Laureates of the 2020 Sound Espressivo Competition

Saturdays, April 3,  May 1, June 5 @10:00 am EST

Piano Masterclass with

Avguste Antonov

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Featuring the Laureates of the 2020 Sound Espressivo Competition

Saturday, April 17 @2:00 pm EST

Sound Espressivo Competition presents

Ryan Huang, piano

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Featuring the Laureates of the 2020 Sound Espressivo Competition

Sunday, April 11 @2:00 pm EST

Sound Espressivo Competition presents

Simon Yao, piano

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Featuring the Laureates of the 2020 Sound Espressivo Competition

Sunday, April 18 @2:00 pm EST

Sound Espressivo Competition presents

Mira Kardan, cello

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Featuring the Laureates of the 2020 Sound Espressivo Competition

Saturday, May 8 @12:00 pm EST

Progressive Musicians Festival presents Winners in a live music Recital

Watch an interview with the

Artistic Director James Welch below:

Music Works! Podcast

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Saturday, February 13 @2:00 pm EST

Circuit Bridges features saxophonist Drew Whiting

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Drew Whiting presents the works of composers:

Christopher Chandler, Alexis Bacon,

 Spencer Arias, and Monte Taylor 

Thursday, January 28 @2:00 pm EST

Interview with creators of the movie-opera "Hansel and Gretel"

Watch below:

Guests: Katerina Souvorova (music director, producer); Catrin Davies (stage director); Ksenya Litvak (costumes, puppets)

Brydon Geisler, Genevieve Wall, Eric Gramatges

Sunday, February 7 @2:00 pm EST

Unjustly Neglected Works

For Cello And Piano

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Neglected works.jpg

Igor Zubkovsky (cello) and Susanna Kolker (piano)

perform rarely heard works by Haydn, Franck, Davydov, Kahn, Tariverdiev and Kapustin.

Thursday, February 4 @2:00 pm EST

Interview with cast of the movie-opera

"Hansel and Gretel"

Watch below:

Guests: Katerina Souvorova (music director, producer);  

Kelly Curtin (Gretel), Ashley Kay Armstrong (Hansel), Max Zander (Witch), Daniel Neer (Father), James Brown (Sandman and Narrator)

Thursday, February 18 @2:30 pm EST

Mini Concert and reception

Watch below:

Igor Zubkovsky (cello) and Sousanna Kolker (piano)

perform two short masterpieces for cello and piano

by Mikael Tariverdiev and Nikolai Kapustin

Saturday, February 27 @6:00 pm EST

New York Chamber Players

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fundraising page here  

Featuring the winners of the 10th Annual Concerto Competition.

They are ages 13 to 16 and of the highest level. 


Join the one-of-a-kind classical music competition of the year that reinvents competing during these difficult times.

Announcing Winners at 12:00pm EST on December 13

Rough Surface

first place winners

Jade Chan, piano 10 & Under, Lyrical Hong Kong / SAR

Joseph Yoon, piano 10 & Under, Lyrical USA, VA

Mio Imai, violin 10 & Under, Virtuosity USA, PA

Ryan Huang, piano 10 & Under, Virtuosity Canada

Simon Yao, piano 10 & Under, Miniature USA, CA

Matthew Brand, piano 11-14 Innovative USA, NY

Mira Kardan, cello 11-14 Virtuosity USA, CA

Avagail Hulbert, violin 15-18 Ambassador Recognition AwardUSA, MD

Sameer Agrawal, violin 15-18 Lyrical USA, IL

Ukki Sachedina, piano 15-18 Profound USA, CA

Daniel Hughes, piano 19-25 Ambassador USA, UT

Lourdes de la Pena, cello 19-25 Lyrical USA, VA

Ka Long (Chris) Au, piano 26+ Ambassador Australia

Maria Narodytska, piano 26+ Profound Ukraine / Germany

all rounds are



No pre-recorded rounds.  Everyone performs in real-time LIVE in front of a distinguished panel of judges and a world-wide audience

Virtual Concert Halls

Virtual Concert Halls delivers the most streamlined, hassle-free and cutting-edge live streaming technology experience.

Our TV quality broadcasts are brought to you by Virtual Concert Halls, a pioneering start-up founded by internationally-acclaimed musicians and music technology and production experts.  Visual Concert Halls ensures the best possible audio and visual quality and are committed to staying ahead of the game in all things live- streaming.

hard-pressed to hire a recording studio?

no need!

First entry round is not your typical "best recording battle," but instead takes place online where you get one on one technical help before playing live.  You then meet our judges and hear their feedback right away

worried about equipment discrepancy making uneven playing field?

We're leveling it

All contestants must follow our parameters on equipment.  For audio we only allow USB microphone and we require contestants to provide the exact brand and model that they are using so that judges can take variation in equipment into consideration when comparing contestants.

Are steep entry fees a deal breaker for you?

Pay only a fraction of the entry fee upfront.  Don't pay for all the rounds before getting to them. Our Preliminary Round entry fee is only $75.  Only pay the rest of the fee ($100) if you're accepted to the live show rounds!


What are the repertoire requirements?

There's no specific requirement!  We are a classical music competition so please choose repertoire accordingly, but we do not request specific pieces or time periods.  Choose whatever represents your artistic merit best

Do I have to play the same pieces in all rounds?

There are no specific requirements for that. You can play the same pieces; or you can play completely different  program; or you can play a combination of both. You decide everything about your repertory yourself.

What makes this competition unlike any other?

It's fully virtual with many innovative elements you can view above in the slides and boxes. Our Broadcasts are made using TV technology (NOT Zoom!)

How do I know I'm good enough to compete?

All levels are welcome to compete!  With many categories to excel in and multiple age groups to win in, this competition provides one of the biggest lineups of winners and prizes out there.

Do I need a recording to enter?

No, all rounds are real-time and done online

How do I perform with an accompanist?

If you would like to perform with accompaniment, we recommend asking them to record the minus one (accompaniment part only) in the tempo that you're comfortable with. Please have a ready .mp4/.mp3 before coming for the Preliminary Round.  We recommend using wireless headphones for playing and listening to the minus one as you perform. Of course, if the social distancing requirements in your country allow you to perform in the same space with your accompanist, go for it

How do I know my equipment is good enough to compete?

Visit the Sign Up page and scroll down to Technical Requirements for a list of things you will need to have a stress-free time in the tech check.  If you already meet the minimum, apply with confidence.  If not, we recommend finding the equipment online or borrowing from friends.  All of these are widely available

My teacher is one of the judges, can I still apply to compete?

Absolutely! Your performance will be adjudicated by the panel which will EXCLUDE your current and previous teachers

Do I have to win first place, to receive any prizes?

Not at all! Prizes are offered by distinguished companies with vast experience in promoting performing arts which are experts in classical music. Each company will award their prize(s) to contestant(s) of their own choice. Their decisions may or may not match those of the judges'. Some companies may choose to not award their prizes

Can I win money?

Yes! Competition established a Prize Pool. We will be awarding all money received through contributions to the Prize Pool, to the winners of the competition. The amounts of each Award will depend on the judges' decisions, and on the amount of money in the Prize Pool

Will my teacher get recognition?

Of course! Your teachers shared their knowledge and inspiration with you! the Competition will recognize teachers and schools of every contestant on the Teachers page. If you win, your teacher will be invited to join the live broadcast and receive special recognition during virtual Awards Ceremony

I still have more questions. What should I do?

Scroll down to the Get In Touch section and send us your question by email directly.  We will do our best to answer your questions there!

Meet The Team


Anna Ouspenskaya

Pianist, Artistic Director, production coordinator 


Fedor Ouspensky

Violinist Production 

frane fb pfp.jpg

Frane Rusinovic

Pianist and supervising producer

igor z fb pfp.jpg

Igor Zubkovsky

Cellist, co-producer, and social media manager


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