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1. Fill out the form below to reserve your spot. Be sure to review and check the box for Broadcast Consent Form! You and your parent/guardian must give us a permission, in order for us to broadcast your performance
2. Pay Preliminary Round registration fee
3. After you submit your application we will be in touch to confirm details of your Preliminary Round Audition

*Entry fees for the Preliminary Round go towards the producers working to run video and audio checks before your preliminary round and the judges that listen to you and give you feedback. Judges' decisions are final.  If you advance to the Semifinals  Round, we will be in touch regarding your participation in the Nomination Round and Finals in December 2021 which are broadcast in real time on our live show at VCHs. Fees go towards covering the costs of work of producers running the event and co-coordinating the streamed live show, with all participants judged by our panel of exceptional musicians.

Application Form

Preliminary Round

Fee: $100

By checking this box, I state my understanding that, although every effort will be made to accommodate the date(s) I select for my live performance, another date may need to be chosen. I understand that the judges' decisions are final and will abide by the judges' decisions.

Thank you for applying to Sound Espressivo 2021 Preliminary Round! We will be in touch to confirm your performance date/time and to schedule your video/audio preparation session with our producer. If submitting a pre-recorded video, it will be premiered on Sound Espressivo Channels and website

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