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Application deadline: November 25


You must complete Preliminary LIVE audition

by November 30.

First come first serve. Reserve your date early!

Sign up and reserve your audition date

1. We will confirm your date/time by email which you provide on your Application Form

2. We will send you a link to log into our Studio for your audition

3. Check your computer and your Internet connection

4. Get ready to audition!

Prepare your laptop and log into the Broadcast Studio for your PRIVATE audition with the Judge

1. Our sound engineer will meet you and help you with your tech setup. We will make you sound your best!

2. Competition Judge will hear your Audition performance


3. The Judge will tell you right away if you advanced to the Nominations Round. If you do, the Judge will type a Congratulations message which you then copy/paste into your registration form for the Nominations Round.

Nominations Semifinal Round starts December 1

Nominations Round is a live public Broadcast!

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