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Nominations Round 

1. We will confirm your date/time by email which you provided on your Application Form

2. We will send you a link to log into our Studio for your audition

3. Check your computer and your Internet connection

4. Get ready to compete!

Prepare your laptop and log into the Broadcast Studio 

Check "Prepare to Stream" and "Prepare your Space" instructions!

Our audio and video Producers will meet you in the Broadcast Green Room, for your tech check session.

We will rehearse your appearance in the Green Room, before your appear on the Broadcast.

We will help you sound and look your best!

Our staff will help you move from Green Room to our Backstage.

You will be greeted by our Broadcast Host.

You will meet the Panel of Judges.

You will hear their feedback immediately after your performance.

Finalists will be announced after your session 

After your Nominations session will end, the Judges will deliberate.

During Judges' deliberations you will participate in the interviews.

Our Host will ask you and other contestants questions.

We will invite your teacher/representative of your school, to participate in the interviews.

If you need help with English please let us know ahead of time.

Judges will announce their decision and name the Finalists

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