Three Easy Steps

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Repertoire & Category

Submit the repertoire you want to play.  No time cap and no one will stop you early if you play slightly slower than expected.

Also check the categories you wish to compete in.  These are not guaranteed to be the categories you'll be nominated for, but it will give the judges an idea of what your ambitions and goals are in the competition.


Choose Your Repertoire


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Check Your Equipment


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Tech Requirements

Minimum Requirement in order to participate without sacrificing stream quality:


  • Computer

  • Webcam (built-in or external)

  • Microphone (built-in or USB)

  • Headphones

  • Ethernet Cable (optional)



1. Fill out the form below to reserve your competition spot. Be sure to review and sign the Broadcast Consent Form! You/your parents/your guardians must give us a permission, in order for us to broadcast your performance
2. Pay Preliminary Round registration/15 minutes private sound check/audition fee $75.
3. After you select your preferred date and time slot, we will be in touch to confirm details of your Preliminary Round Audition.

*Entry fees for the Preliminary Round go towards the producers working to run video and sound checks before your preliminary round and the judges that listen to you, give you feedback and determine if you move forward to the following round. If you pass the Preliminary Round, you will need to pay the 2nd and last fee of $100 to participate in the Nomination Round and Finals which are broadcast in real time on our live show at VCHs. This fee goes towards the producers running the event and co-coordinating the streamed live show, with all participants judged by our panel of exceptional musicians.


Starts October 1




December 4-6





$ No fee

Public Rounds Registration* 
*contestants who completed Prelims
and advanced to semi-Finals
By checking this box, I state my understanding that, although every effort will be made by the judges to accommodate the date and time I select below for my performance, another date may need to be chosen, in which case they will reach out to me to reschedule.

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