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June 13 Press Release with schedule and
June 13 Press Release with schedule and
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"How to be a courageous musician" | Avguste Antonov

"How to be a courageous musician" | Avguste Antonov

Hosted by Sound Espressivo Competition Judge and co-host: Chris Au In this broadcast, we explore how to be courageous as a musician not only in your artistry but in the business side of being a professional. This is something that's very admirable and respectable about Avguste Antonov - his tenacity, perseverance, sincerity, and dedication to making sure his career is forged by him. Check out his website at This is a series curated by Virtual Concert Halls for the 2021 Sound Espressivo Global Competition. For more information on application, visit our website at ______________________________ Born in Bulgaria, Avguste Antonov studied piano in Bulgaria (Dobrich), France (Ecole Normale de Paris, Conservatoire de Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud) and the United States (2000: University of Missouri-Kansas City; 2001-2004: University of Kansas; 2006-2008: Texas Christian University). He studied under the guidance of Alain Motard, Herve N'Kaoua, Robert Weirich, Stanislav Ioudenitch, Jack Winerock and Tamas Ungar. Avguste Antonov also had the privilege of taking masterclasses with Gerhard Oppitz, Jean-Claude Pennetier, Olivier Gardon, Grigory Sokolov, Olga Kern, Laure Favre Kahn, Anton Nel, Roman Rudnytsky and Yoheved Kaplinsky. In addition to performing, Avguste Antonov is active as lecturer and has presented lectures for the Carrollton Music Teachers Association, Frisco Music Teachers Association, Kansas Music Teachers Association, Oklahoma Music Teachers Association, Wisconsin Music Teachers Association and the Colburn Piano Summer Festival. He is an adjudicator for various international competitions including the ENKOR Piano Competition, the Sound Espressivo Global Competition , the Music International Grand Prix, North American Virtuoso International Music Competition, Royal Music Indonesia 2021, Grand Maestro International Music Competition and ​World Classical Music Awards In 2021, Avguste Antonov was named on the advisory board of the Sound Espressivo Global Competition.
A Conductor's Perspective | Massimiliano Donninelli

A Conductor's Perspective | Massimiliano Donninelli

"What's the relationship between Traditional and New Repertoire?" Maestro Massimiliano Donninelli is an esteemed member of the 2021 Sound Espressivo Global Competition. He will be speaking with us about his perspective as a conductor on traditional and new music. This promises to be a fascinating discussion! Apply now for the 2021 Sound Espressivo Global Competition at ___________________________________________________ Massimiliano Donninelli represents one of the best performers of his generation. Since the beginning of his career he has dedicated himself to contemporary music, considered as privileged to live in his time and to immerse himself in the repertoire of Tradition. As a conductor of a classical and modern repertoire he has collaborated with prestigious festivals in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Holland, Canada, Serbia, Moldova, Greece . He has collaborated with prestigious artists such as Luciano Berio, Valeria Moriconi, Brett Deubner and many others, conducting the orchestra as the Bel'Arte Orchestra (Paris), Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra, National Philharmonic Orchestra "Serghei Lunchevici", National TeleRadio Orchestra - Moldova, National Choir "Moldova". At the same time, he dedicates himself to the composition and his works are performed in Italy, Germany, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Brazil, Spain, United States, broadcast by RssSky, Rete A, Telequattro, RadioVaticana, RAI, United Nations Radio (Colombia), Discovery Channel, RadioShalom, RTVSlovenija (Koper). He has recorded for CBC, Rai, Rai-Slo, RNE, Rusty Records, Palomar Records, Radio-Moldova, RadioFrance. Massimiliano Donninelli is distinguished by a special interpretative sensitivity and dedication to the composer's idea through a deep and particularly respectful knowledge of the score.
Sound Espressivo presents "Judging Modern Competitions" Panel Discussion

Sound Espressivo presents "Judging Modern Competitions" Panel Discussion

Music competitions often are a target of a lot of criticism. What is wrong with modern music competitions? How did the changes in music competitions scene over past 20-30 years affect the judging? What are the most common challenges for Judges? What are possible improvements and solutions? How does Sound Espressivo address the known issues? Apply by November 30 Judging modern music competitions certainly is a different task from what it meant for artists and music educators 20, 30, or 50 years ago. Things changed, and the changes are dramatic. There are many more competitions nowadays than a handful of major ones which dominated the field back a couple of decade ago. There are many different formats, a huge variety of different sets of requirements, and an even larger variety of awards and other benefits which today's competitions offer. And surely there are many issues and challenges which all people involve must face and resolve when participating in a competition. That includes not only contestants but also the Judges and organizers. Today's Panel topics are centered around the challenges particular to judging modern music competitions. Moderated by Avguste Antonov, piano, France, Sound Espressivo Board member Panelists: Anzel Gerber, cello, Austria Pierre Beaudry, guitar, Canada Olivier Chassain, guitar, France Who are the panelists: Pianist Avguste Antonov is an adjudicator for various international competitions including the ENKOR Piano Competition , the Sound Espressivo Global Competition, the Music International Grand Prix , North American Virtuoso International Music Competition , Royal Music Indonesia 2021 , Grand Maestro International Music Competition and World Classical Music Awards In 2021, Avguste Antonov was named on the advisory board of the Sound Espressivo Global Competition He has performed all over the World. He premieres at venues across North America and over the years he has worked with composers Carter Pann, Gregory Hutter, Michael Colgrass, Raina Murnak, Matthew Lewis, Till Meyn, Matthew Saunders, Robert Rollin, William Vollinger and others. Cellist Anzél Gerber, is performing on internationally renowned stages as soloist and chamber musician. Her passion for teaching served as inspiration to obtain her PhD and to conduct post-doctoral research in the field of cello training for gifted young cellists in Asia, USA and Europe. She regularly presents master classes at universities and festivals Canadian guitarist Pierre Beaudry performs through the world. His extensive concert career takes him to Europe, North America, China and South East Asia, where his solo performances are acclaimed both by the public and the press. He has been on the music faculties of three universities in Quebec, Canada (Concordia, Bishop’s and Sherbrooke) He was recently appointed as professor of guitar at the Tiziano Rossetti International Music Academy in Lugano, Switzerland. French guitarist Olivier Chassain was born in Paris in 1957. Today, his triple professional activity makes him simultaneously lead a career as an active international concert performer, a career as composer who enjoys seeing his works performed and published, and a career as guitar teacher at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (Cnsmdp)